Jul 10
What Freedom Really Means

As we prepare to celebrate our nation's freedom, Pastor John Hadley reminds us what freedom is really about.



Jun 29
Summer Search For Wisdom - 3

​Pastor John continues our study through Proverbs 30 in this third installment of our Summer Search for Wisdom series




Jun 26
Youth Camp Impact

Our youth group just returned from camp. Hear the impact in their own words!



Jun 26
Why Do We Have So Much Trouble Changing

​"Why Do We Have So Much Trouble Changing?" (2 Corinthians 5:17)

Jun 25
Summer Search for Wisdom Series - 2 Bucket List

For the summer, Pastor John Hadley is delving into Proverbs 30 in his "Summer Search for Wisdom Series". This is the second lesson entitled "Bucket List".


Jun 21
Men Who Know

Our challenge here at Marsh is to attract men who know what to do and when to do it to save our families from the enemy.

Are you one of those men?




May 22
Celebrating 80 Years!


Marsh Lane will be celebrating 80 years of ministry on Sunday, June 5th, with a morning service to begin at 10 am.  We will be hearing from former pastors, Scott Hadley will be preaching, and the Marsh Lane Sanctuary Choir and Living Water Trio will be providing special music for the occasion.

If you plan to join us for our celebration service at 10 am that morning, we are asking everyone to wear specific colors on our anniversary Sunday to indicate when they first came to Maple Lawn/Marsh Lane:

  • 1940s–1950s—white
  • 1960's–1970's—blue
  • 1980s—red
  • 1990s—green
  • 2000 to present—purple
May 22
What Kind of Church

Pastor John Hadley delivering his sermon entitled "What Kind of Church?". 5/22/2016​



May 02
The Commonality of the Human Family: Why We Should Care About Others

​Pastor John Hadley's sermon entitled "The Commonality of the Human Family: Why We Should Care About Others" (Acts 17:22-31). Sunday May 1, 2016 evening service.

May 02
Broken, But By What?

​Pastor John Hadley's Sermon entitled "Broken, But By What?" from 5/1/2016 morning service. 

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