Jun 21
Men Who Know

Our challenge here at Marsh is to attract men who know what to do and when to do it to save our families from the enemy.

Are you one of those men?




May 22
Celebrating 80 Years!


Marsh Lane will be celebrating 80 years of ministry on Sunday, June 5th, with a morning service to begin at 10 am.  We will be hearing from former pastors, Scott Hadley will be preaching, and the Marsh Lane Sanctuary Choir and Living Water Trio will be providing special music for the occasion.

If you plan to join us for our celebration service at 10 am that morning, we are asking everyone to wear specific colors on our anniversary Sunday to indicate when they first came to Maple Lawn/Marsh Lane:

  • 1940s–1950s—white
  • 1960's–1970's—blue
  • 1980s—red
  • 1990s—green
  • 2000 to present—purple
May 22
What Kind of Church

Pastor John Hadley delivering his sermon entitled "What Kind of Church?". 5/22/2016​



May 02
The Commonality of the Human Family: Why We Should Care About Others

​Pastor John Hadley's sermon entitled "The Commonality of the Human Family: Why We Should Care About Others" (Acts 17:22-31). Sunday May 1, 2016 evening service.

May 02
Broken, But By What?

​Pastor John Hadley's Sermon entitled "Broken, But By What?" from 5/1/2016 morning service. 

Mar 26

Uncommon screening.jpg

Mar 06
Pastor's Weekly Update


I was able to purchase tickets for the concert with Mark Lowry on Saturday.  I bought 15 but had to buy them by phone so there was a $3 up-charge.  So far those who have asked for them are: John and Toni, Rick and Janey, Joseph, Margie, Jim and Jean, Johnny and Alicia and Molly, Wayne and Lilah.  That means there are just 2 left.  If you want them contact me right away. If you are on this list but are not going, please let me know immediately.  The concert starts at 7 and is at 3001 west division St in Arlington Texas 76012.  You need to come by and get your tickets or make arrangements to get them from me. They cost $21.


This Sunday we are at week 5 of our book, "I am a church member".  Please read the chapter.  I know God will speak to our hearts again if we are ready and listening. Come Sunday ready to hear from God!

Sunday night

Aaron will be sharing his adventure in Israel with us through pictures and videos.  I know it will be a great time for all of us.  Come see the Holy Land from his perspective.


Tomorrow Carolyn Rush will bury her brother so please be praying for her and the whole family.  Continue to pray for those who are ill and shut in.  Pray for souls to be saved here at Marsh Lane.  Pray for your leaders everywhere including church.  Pray for those in the Ezra institute that they will learn much.

Pastor John