Our History.


On June 6, 1936, six rented benches were loaded onto the back of a borrowed pickup truck and placed under a metal building loaned to a new church. Two families gathered to hear a young farmer, J. Arthur Williams, expound on the fifth chapter of Daniel. There were no lights that evening, and the new church reached out to its neighbors who joined in, bringing oil lamps with them. A few weeks later, Maple Lawn Baptist Church was officially organized on June 21, 1936, in an abandoned beer tavern down the road at the corner of Maple Avenue and Inwood Road. It was the 30’s—depression years. Money was scarce, land was cheap, and jobs were nearly non-existent.  

It wasn’t until the summer of 1970 when Maple Lawn Baptist Church moved to Marsh Lane and Royal Lane and changed their name to Marsh Lane Baptist Church.
Since it’s conception 80 years ago, there have been many changes in location, leadership, and membership.  What hasn’t changed, however, is our purpose.  Lives are still being changed and souls saved as God’s Word is spread through the ministries at Marsh Lane.